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Reused Set of assembled components


I thought I used to remember a function that allowed you to build a set of components as something you could reuse. I see they have a reuse fastener function but I remember it being simplier where you could place several components together and define that as a template to be used to place multiple components into an assembly several times over.


Am I missing something or losing my mind? :-)


Re: Reused Set of assembled components

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If you create a sub assembly of that you always can add that set of components quick.

Butt what kind of components are it?

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Re: Reused Set of assembled components


It's several lock nuts and an assortment of washers that get installed at the same assembly level and used at various locations around the assembly. So at the moment the only way to have them used at the assembly level is to install each item one at a time and assemble the next, which is time consuming. I was hoping there was a way to create that stack and reuse it around the assembly where I would only have to do two constraints for each stack of items.


I could do it as a subassembly, but then that would be a confusing BOM structure since that really isn't an actual assembly.

Re: Reused Set of assembled components


I think I found a way to keep the constraints and to simply create a way to save the setup of the various components is to make a temp sub-assembly where you assemble the first item and then constrain the others to the first (align, insert, touch, etc.).

But this is not to use the sub-assembly directly since that's technically not a real sub-assembly.


Instead you would go to the assembly where you want to install the already constrained items using the already defined constraints in the "temp" sub-assembly. While in the main assembly use the File - IMPORT command to bring in the assembly of the pre-assembled items almost like a reuse item. That will drop the items as individual components with the already defined constraints as if they were installed at that assembly. You then just grab the first item move it and assemble it to the final location and the rest of the items will follow since the original constraints are imported as well.

  • Note: Make sure the part navigator of that sub-assembly is blank otherwise that will also import a coordinate system for every import or any feature located there into the other assembly.
  • Note 2: The models added won't automatically applied to the MODEL reference set of the assembly so once they are all in place you'll need to add them manually, which is fairly quick using the assembly navigator. Not sure why the import function avoids the reference set automation, but I guess there's always something.


Does anyone see any issues using this setup or see any better way?

Re: Reused Set of assembled components

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

I think what you're looking for is fastener assemblies:


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