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Revision Table in drafting?




does anyone have (good) solution for a revision table in drafting? How do you make this? Just a simple table? or any other tools?





Re: Revision Table in drafting?

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

I saw a presentation or forum post once that somehow used the part's spreadsheet to save the revision information then the tabular note on the drawing sheet only showed the information for the last 3 revisions (or however many you chose to view). As you revised the drawing, all the information was saved in the part, but only the latest info was shown on the sheet. I don't think it used any custom programming to achieve this. Unfortunately, I lost the presentation file/link when upgrading computers; I don't remember if I saw it on the GTAC forums or somewhere else...

Re: Revision Table in drafting?




Did you ever figure this out?  I am trying to do exactly what cowski suggested but have not had luck finding any information in any of the forums.



Re: Revision Table in drafting?


No I did not solve anything. (But I have to admit that I read the idea but did not try it because we had other things to solve first)

Currently only one person seems to need this feature while others do not :-)

I can imagine how cowki's idea could work and I would try this way when pushed to solve it.

But I also think that this would be a great enhancement to NX in general...

Re: Revision Table in drafting?


we have done it a few different ways. The easiest way for me was this


On my sheet template I have a revision table with 3 columns, REV, Description and date, I have 3 rows to start

in each cell I have an attribute, REV1, desc1 and date1 with a dash as the default value, the next row would have 2 and so on

These attributes are linked back to the part that the print is for (3 are kept in the part templates)


When a change is made, the rev1 gets an A, the desc1 and Date1 get filled out and print updates


Its manual, but works







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