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Re: Roles from One Version to Next

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend
Thanks Ben,
my question is really if anybody knows a method to tell the differences between the outofthebox appearance and a "user role".
My changes are in several places, not only the Modeling home tab.
I had modified some other tabs in modeling as well as the home tab of Drafting, Sheet Metal and Routing .
- I think...
But maybe the fastest solution is to run a NX10 session in parallell to a NX12, and create a new role in NX12, tab by tab.


Re: Roles from One Version to Next

Siemens Honored Contributor Siemens Honored Contributor
Siemens Honored Contributor

Hi @1u7obd,


To answer your questions (apparently I forgot to do that Smiley Happy):


1) The dialog allows you to load roles on demand, rather than load one on startup from the users profile.

2) Currently there is no way to see what changes a role will make to your ribbon when loaded.


As @ScottFelber stated, you stand to miss out on new functionality if you load a role from an older version.  Over 100 enhancements went into NX 11 alone, so there's something to be said about recreating your roles for each new version (though I realize this is time consuming).  I suspect your solution of running concurrent versions and comparing tabs is likely going to be the quickest.


Regards, Ben

Re: Roles from One Version to Next




Can you send me your role code? I liked it. I would like to use the same!