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Routing characteristics


How do I add a routing characteristic to a part? Specifically I want to add MIN_BEND_RADIUS to a stock part. I used "Qualify par"t on part that has a circle to create stock cross-section.

I want to define specific minium bending radiuses for stock materials so that while doing routing in Elec-routing I get a warning from the Design rules. There should already be this function buildt in to the Design rules that it first checks for the minimun bending radius from the characteristics before using the diameter and the MIN_BEND_RADIUS_COEFF to determine the minimum bending radius.


proc ROUTING_check_min_bend_radius { bend stock } {
    global user_prefs
    global app_view

    set stock_data [ROUTE_ask_stock_stock_data $stock]

    set stock_charx [ROUTE_ask_all_charx $stock_data]

    # Look for MIN_BEND_RADIUS characteristic on the stock
    set min_radius [ROUTING_find_charx_in_list MIN_BEND_RADIUS $stock_charx]

    # No MIN_BEND_RADIUS use App View Preference
    if { [string length $min_radius] == 0 } {
        set prefix [ROUTING_get_app_view_prefix $app_view(NAME)]
        set diameter [ROUTING_find_charx_in_list DIAMETER $stock_charx]
        set min_coeff $user_prefs([set prefix]_MIN_BEND_RADIUS_COEFF)
        if { [string length $diameter] == 0 ||
             [string length $min_coeff] == 0 } {
            # Not enough information -- return quietly
        set min_radius [expr $diameter * $min_coeff]
    set bend_radius [ROUTE_ask_bend_radius $bend]

    set violation [ROUTING_check_bend_radius $bend_radius ">=" $min_radius]

    return $violation