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Running Templates for NX11 and NX9 simultaneously


We are slowly moving to NX9 to NX11, but still many users need to use NX9 and NX11 together since many suppliers have NX9 for time being


NX9 templates were controled by single *.pax file, so we can switch ON/Off the templates to be visible for users


from NX11 the templates are spead across different folders, and all the tabs visible in file -->New menu

  • C:\SPLM\NX11\AUTOMATION_DESIGNER\templates\AME_FileNewTemplate.pax for File New Templates
  • C:\SPLM\NX11\CMM_INSPECTION\templates\ugs_inspection_templates.pax for File New Templates

is there setting that i can use so that each version of NX brings it own seed file and mean time masking all diff tabs visible at File--> New menu


Re: Running Templates for NX11 and NX9 simultaneously

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hello @nesthome,


I recomment you have a look at the NXcustom tools here:


Kind regards,



Dennis de Brouwer
Application Support Engineer
GTAC EMEA - Siemens Industry Software