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STEP assembly import, keep native names


when importing step files and assemblies the native PNs show up but the PN they are saved to are new and they're all diffferent base numbers... I'd like to keep the native PN but not necessarily create individual parts in teamcenter unless it's required. They will come in as parts without features so I'd rather see them as bodies but labeled "35499-27050" instead of "body (1)" or whatever the default used to be in NX8.5. I tried changing "numbering source" to "OSFILE_NAME" but it didn't seem to have any affect on the PNs. Here's the dry run log file:


Default Parameters
&LOG Default_Cloning_Action: OVERWRITE
&LOG Default_Naming_Technique: OSFILE_NAME Default_Name_Rule_Type: AS_ID
&LOG Default_Container: ":Newstuff"
&LOG Default_Part_Type: Item
&LOG Default_Part_Name: "${DB_PART_NAME}"
&LOG Default_Part_Description: "${DB_PART_DESC}"
&LOG Default_Associated_Files_Directory: ""
&LOG Default_DB_Owner: ncappello Production
&LOG Default_Validation_Mode: OFF

Part Specific Information
&LOG Part: "C:\Users\NCAPPE~1\AppData\Local\Temp\361573698.prt"
&LOG Cloning_Action: DEFAULT_DISP
&LOG Naming_Technique: AUTO_GENERATE Clone_Name: "@DB/00968836-001/01"