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STEP translator’s quality

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I do somehow understand the fact that there is no huge investment in the STEP translators development.

In the case of NX they are just subcontracted to another company.

The direct translators license costs are just prohibited.

Unfortunately, I have to deal with STEP files all the time.

The files are coming most from CATIA V5. Since I have also access to CATIA I manage myself the translation (I have no time to learn CATIA to do my job).

One of the things that I do once a translation gives no solid bodies, is to go back to CATIA and “divide” the solid in several smaller ones. Then, usually the translation gives solid bodies that I then unite.

This somehow confirms that the translators could be hugely improved.

On the other hand, the STEP translator used by SE and TC VIS seems to be developed diferently.

Why not having a single STEP translator base for all the Simens aplications?