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Shaded view in CGM export not successfull


I have created drawing view for a assembly which have been SHADED to a particular color, but when I export it as CGM from NX11, it is exporting as wireframe and not giving me proper shaded CGM.

Settings are set such that NX11 creates shaded view. (rendering style, drafting preferences)


What would be best option OR settings such that NX 11 generates shaded CGM?


Re: Shaded view in CGM export not successfull

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi @SD1325,


Are the views shaded in the CGM Viewer?

File > Plot > Actions: Advanced Plot > Printer (tab) > CGM Viewer


Do the borders of your views overlap?

With your view borders displayed, check to see if you have any overlapping borders of shaded views.  If they overlap, move the view, or edit the boundary, such that they don't overlap.


There also this: PR 8004144.  It turns out that work layer for the sheet view is not visible, and the shaded image resides on that layer, the view will not plot as shaded.  Fixed in NX 12.


Regards, Ben