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Sheet metal flat pattern


Hi collegues! I don't have access to Sheet metal forum so I'm using this forum if it is not forbidden:

On pic bellow: how to make total flat pattern (rectangle) from this sheet? I only can get half unbended from last bending 


Re: Sheet metal flat pattern

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@IloveAudi86 If i look to your model the bends are in different ways.


Is the rectangle is 5x3 you creates bends over the 5mm size and 3 mm size.


if i'm trying to create this kind of part in sheet metal i'm not able to create it. allows me only to created flanges over the thickness size of the tab.

Ruud van den Brand
Pre-sales NX CAD
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Re: Sheet metal flat pattern


Mr. Ruud

Bends ARE in different ways. You are correct!

Size of thickness isn't bothering to get this shape in live, (in work on press) I saw it. 

You know what is proceedure in  ''sheet metal'' NX module: you need to start on modeling the simpliest part, then going in to sheet metal module, and before start to sheet you must to convert it by ''sheet metal wizard'' the surface which determinate direction of bend. And there we are, I think. when I convert it, and bend it, as you said, the software do not allow me to make the flange on second  direction than it used to. So, when I want final bending I must to convert that surface again using Wizard. 

And same thing is to a flat pattern. It flating just from the last bend and first bend stay on flat pattern. I can get cut conture size using unbend command but for creating proper technical drawing and doc I must have a proper flat pattern.


Thank you and I'm sorry the text is so long. If you know the answer please offer it.