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Sheet metal - generated bend lines





I worked with sheet metal for the first time within NX 11. And I used the automatically generated bend lines in my drawing. Now my colleague noticed the difference between the bend line, and the actual dimension we needed after it was bent. Obviously the difference comes from the thickness of the plate and the radius. 


My question is: the automatically generated bend lines.. what exactly do they indicate? Say we were to bend a radius on the inside of R10. Does the bend line indicate the centre of the radius?


It seems pretty self-explanatory, but rather be sure than sorry, I guess.


Re: Sheet metal - generated bend lines

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Hello @MKarsten


Let me dig a little into the detail (apologies if this is already understood)...

When a sheet metal part is created, each bend has a defined neutral factor (the neutral plane that doesn't stretch or compress when the material is bent).  This defines the flat length of your part and controls the resultant dimensions.  It is dependent on the material you are using and up to you to define for your manufacturing process.


With that understood, on the flat pattern, a number of 'lines' are created and you should select the ones for your own process.

Bend Tangent is a typical method however Outer/Inner Mold are also provided (typical in aero use).  Let me know if you want further explanation here.  Have a look at the following image...



So the bend centerline represents the center of the bend when flattened regardless of radius.  The centerline is useful depending on the bending process you are using.  Is this what you were asking?



Re: Sheet metal - generated bend lines


Hi Dave,



thank you for the detailed explanation. That was exactly what I was looking for!