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Sketch "Create inferred constraint"


Hi all,


My co-worker is creating some sketches. As he creates lines and arcs they are auto constrained as expected. But after some time he is seeing that they no longer do so. For example when a fillet is created arc ends no longer have co-incident constraint applied to them. At this stage if we right click on the sketch and select Sketch settings "Create inferred constraints" and  "Continuos auto dimensioning"  are unchecked. Infact these were checked when sketch was created. Trying to chekc it back fives an alert like shown in the attached screen shot. Sketch is having few lines and arcs. Nothing much that can be considered as large.


My question is what is considered as a large sketch? and is there any way to turn this behavior off. This was working perfectly in 11.01,but we are seeing this after updating to 11.02.







Re: Sketch "Create inferred constraint"

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

Did you read this thread?


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Re: Sketch "Create inferred constraint"


Yes saw that after I posted the question.