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Suppress on Runtime




I would like to suppress / unsuppress a component for a certain time in a simulation. But it does not really work out. Here is what i have done so far:


First of all i created a "Runtime Parameter" called "runtime"


Then i took the expression name for this parameter which should be "a"


After that i clicked on suppression for the component and wrote the expression name


Last i added an operation to set the expression "a" to the value 1 so the component gets unsuppressed.


But it does not work. The component just stays suppressed.

Can somebody please help me.


Thank you very much.



Re: Suppress on Runtime

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

Hello Itrimstr,


as you already found out the "Runtime Parameters" are not linked to the standard NX Expressions during the Simulation.


However you are able to write or read the values of Expressions in Mechatronics Concept Designer during runtime by using the "Runtime Behavior" and "NXOpen" (a NX API Licence is required for that).



Of course you have to be sure that changing the Expression during runtime costs performance (for the update procedure) espacially when  "Features" and "Assembly Constraints" are affected.

Also you have to be sure the change is not impossible to perform.


That being said; I have made a small example with the needed Runtime Behaviour code included wich will allow you to change "Expressions" with a "Signal Adapter".

I also made an short video for documentation purposes.






Best Regards



Re: Suppress on Runtime


This is just amazing!!!


Thank you very much, VBraun! Smiley Happy