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Teamcenter uses a different NX9 ?


Hello (My company started using Teamcenter)

Why Teamcenter uses a different NX9 that does not use my own Customer Defaults that I inserted earlier into my original NX9 that was there before Teamcenter arrived ?


  • How do I change the Customer Defaults in the Teamcenter's NX9 ?
  • Teamcenter-> Start/Open in NX-> launches a different NX9 that does not have my Customer Defaults ?

Re: Teamcenter uses a different NX9 ?

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Honored Contributor

That is dependant on how your company has things setup.  We store our customer defaults on a server, so I can move any native settings to the teamcenter area, and visa-versa.  I'd talk to you Tc/NX admin, and see what they can do to help you.


I'd also encourage you to save a "role" once you have things how you like, then you can quickly bring things back, if something again changes (new computer, etc)

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Re: Teamcenter uses a different NX9 ?

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Siemens Phenom

You can export the customer defaults settings from native NX and import to TC-NX using Defaults Level as 'User'








Ganesh Kadole
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Re: Teamcenter uses a different NX9 ?

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

Note that TC starts NX via a .BAT somewhere in the *TC* install folder, e.g. in TC2007, it is ...\rac\start_nxmanager.bat

In TC11, it is ...\portal\start_nxmanager.bat


What I would suggest is that you open an "native" NX session, list the log file (File -> Help -> Log file) then save the "info" window to a text file.

Then open an NX session from TC, and save the log file to a different text file.

Compare the 2 text files to make sure that the ENV variables are the same (except for differences required by TC).


Especially UGII_SITE_DIR, UGII_GROUP_DIR, and UGII_USER_DIR (but others may apply).

If you start native NX using a .BAT that sets a bunch of ENV variables to values different that the "out of the box" install, you will have to replicate setting those ENVs in start_nxmanager.bat


Hope this helps...Ken

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