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Template Subassembly linked to Main Assembly


Dear Community,


i have a subassembly, which contains four expressions, say, length_a, *_b, width_a and *_b.
This subassembly i want to insert (add component) in my main assembly, in which the values of the four expressions are specified. Therefore i have to create somehow a dumb link between the subassembly and my main assembly, is this technically and practically possible?


- The main assembly is never the same
- Also, the subassembly contains parts which have to switched somehow by expressions (length_*)


Is there another way to create a template assembly driven by expressions?

Thanks in advance!


Re: Template Subassembly linked to Main Assembly

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Is the sub-assembly going to be "cloned" every time it is used (i,e, you will make a unique copy for each parent)?

If not, this will be difficult.


If so (and the expressions are consistant enough), you could probably do this with a journal.


The "seed" subassembly would have (for example) "length_a = 5" (hard coded value)

After cloning, and adding to the main assembly, the journal could look for "length_a_parent" in the assembly file, and create an IPE in the sub-assembly pointing "length_a" (in sub assembly) at "length_a_parent" (in the assembly)


You could probably make this generic by just looking for expressions that have the same name in both parts, and linking them.



There used to be a way to have a parent drive expressions in other parts, but I believe that is deprecated in NX11 (or at least you are strongly(?) discouraged from using it) 

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Re: Template Subassembly linked to Main Assembly


No, the point is to not clone the subassembly everytime, since this will produce a lot of (more or less) useless data.


I also thought of using the NXOpen API, but i'm looking for a "casual" way to find a solution. Because, when i replace my "seed" subassy's expression with an interpart link, i exactly have the problem that i created a link from the subassy to my main assy, it have to be the other way round.

Re: Template Subassembly linked to Main Assembly

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

The other thing you may want to look into is Prodcut Template Studio, PTS, which is design to be a codeless automation tool for designers. You could create your assembly, apply the logic and expressions. The users can drag this into their new assemblies and get a application speciific interfact to update the expressions. 


You can see a sample of the end prodcut here. 


Picture1.pngPTS Examples