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Thicken a surface

Hello, I am trying to thicken a complex surface; I see in the Help Doc that there should be two useful options in the Thicken Sheet command: "Approximate Offset Surface" and " Show Failure areas" . I would like to use them, but they don't appear in my dialog. According to the Help Doc they should be in the "Setting" section, but I don't have them, I only have the "Remove Gashes" option. Does anyone know why?

Below is a snapshot of my dialog oprions (left) and the Help page description (right).

Thank you in advanceTHICKEN.JPG


Re: Thicken a surface

Hi Laurus,

i guess "Show Failure Data" should appear only when the dialog finds some issues.Sorry i have no idea about "Approximate Offset Surface" .I could not find this in NX10 help documentation either(guessing you are using NX9 as of now).

Will let you know if i find some information on the same.

Best Regards

Kapil Sharma

Re: Thicken a surface

Yes for this project I am using NX9.  Thank you Kapil, if you find information it woul help 

Re: Thicken a surface

I think that the Show failure option is replaced by "Execute Check Mate",