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Thumbnail of files in History




I curious about the behaviour in our NX.

Sometimes I can see thumbnails of the files that have been open in NX when I go to the "History" tab.

But the next day I can open NX and then it's just showing the NX icon. And sometimes it's showing some thumbnails of some files but not all.

We are running NX together with Teamcenter and it's in managed mode.


It's not a big disaster but still a bit annoying so if somebody can explain why NX behaves like this and what can be done when it occurs.



Jörgen Mähler, PLM Lead Hydro
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Re: Thumbnail of files in History

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom


I have encountered it sometimes with parts in an assembly so we generally set PART PREVIEW creation time setting to ON SAVE and generally open the assembly and do a FORCE SAVE ALL for generating previews of any leftover part. I am sure there should be a journal/programming tool to do the same.

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