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Title block attributes

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Trying to set up our companies drawing templates. Now to link properties and populate the title block I've seen videos that have hidden cells.

2017-01-09 14_55_08-NX 11 - Drafting - [A3.prt].jpg




In the above picture I've added the red rectangles to indicate the hidden cells used for populating the title block more easily. 


My question is: I'm using tabular note for title block definition. To get the shape and form that I require I'll have to merge cells. After merging these cells become 1 big cell. Once it has become 1 big cell, I can't make a link in the populate titleblock window anymore, because there's already text (i.e.: DRAWN BYSmiley Happy

How do I keep, or create, the hidden cells. So it looks like there's more than 1 line of text in a title block cell.





Video that showcases what I mean: (about 8:30 minutes in)


Is there perhaps a video that also shows how the title block itself is created? So not just the attributes.


Re: Title block attributes

Don't merge the cells. Turn off the top "border" of the red cell so that it appears to be one cell, but is actually 2 separate cells.

Re: Title block attributes

If I'm editing the cell, and look at the cell border section.. regardless of which border I choose. It'll stay visible in whole. Assuming this is what you meant:   



2017-01-09 15_30_14-NX 11 - Drafting - [A3.prt (Modified) ].jpg


Or is that not the correct way to do it?

Re: Title block attributes

Using your example above, select the "drawn by" cell and set the bottom border to invisible; then select the input cell and set the top border to invisible.

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‎01-11-2017 05:47 AM

Re: Title block attributes

I am the creator of the video you referred to. When I create title blocks, I avoid using one table when there are different sized fields. I create a series of tables that are placed to together to give the impression of one large title block.

Otherwise, Cowski's suggestion will work for what you are after.


Anthony Galante - Senior Support Engineer - PhoenxPLM (Australia & New Zealand Siemens Solutions Partner)

Re: Title block attributes

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Thanks for the replies. I've created seperate tables, so they come together as one title block.