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Tolerance stackup/dimensioning


Hi Experts


currently we have NX native users, our manufacturing users sent us a request to evaluate below product


can any experts who worked with similer products on NX/UGS suggest which products from Siemens can give this feature to existing NX, what will be license name that i should be buying from siemens/evalutate/demo




Re: Tolerance stackup/dimensioning

Solution Partner Genius Solution Partner Genius
Solution Partner Genius

Variation Analysis (VSA) is a product from Siemens using Teamcenter Visualization. It's a Technomatix product and I don't have deep familiarity with it outside of demonstrations I've see. 


NX used to have Tolerance Stackup Validation in older 32 bit versions of NX but that was moved to VisVSA when NX went all 64 bit.