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UG NAME and Component Name in NX managed mode


The documentation regarding BOMLine note synchronization does state that the following attributes are treated "Special" in Teamcenter / NX.



For this discussion I would concentrate only on UG NAME and UG GEOMETRY.

The procedure to set this is through right-click on Component -> Properties. You can specify if this component is a non-geometric component with a check box which automatically sets UG GEOMETRY in the attributes section. We can also set Component Name in the general Tab which will automatically synchronize it to UG NAME note in Teamcenter. If you specify an instance attribute UG NAME using the attributes tab, this will not be picked up by the note in Teamcenter (It would still synchronize with the Component Name), but UG GEOMETRY would! I am willing to accept that this is some internal logic in Teamcenter / NX (Documentation is quite clear on how Teamcenter and NX manage this by matching the real attribute name etc.,)

The question is why would UG GEOMETRY instance attribute work (I can change this in the attributes tab) but not UG NAME?


Extending the discussion a little further, this is a problem while exporting JT files outside of Teamcenter from NX. If I have an explicit attribute UG NAME, JT translator would automatically pick it up without any changes to configuration file of JT Translator and it would have the value set using the attributes tab and not the component name. Also, JT translator would not export the component name. Now, while creating parts list on a drawing sheet we can access this component name using the special character $COMPONENT_NAME (There are several others...$AREA etc.,). Can I wire UG NAME instance attribute to $COMPONENT_NAME? (I am guessing this $attribute too will be something internal to NX)


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Re: UG NAME and Component Name in NX managed mode

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Hi balaji,


Do you have any idea on mapping partlist attributes from NX drawing to Teamcenter BOM Line attributes?


For Example: I have created the Reference Designator Attribute in the NX Part List and Filled the values as " ABC001". When I save the drawing to teamcenter, value should be mapped to PSE BOM Line " Reference Designator" attribute.


I know how to map attribute between NX to  Item/ItemRevison master forms and vice versa but not to BOMLine.


Appreciate if you have any idea on this.


Gopal K