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Unable to create flat pattern


Hi everyone,


I have created a new part and I need to create a flat pattern into the specification model. 

First of all I made a spiral that I extruded and I was able to unbend it during the construction (using SB Resize neutral factor 0.44)


Here you can see the structure of my part.

The second picture shows the final result in the example I have to reproduce. They were able to create a flat pattern for a similar part. The strange thing is that if I delete the flat pattern and I try to create it myself I get the same error (which proves that the error is not in the part, but in the procedure of creating the flat pattern in this case)


Any ideas, please?


Thank you




Re: Unable to create flat pattern

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Without having the part or at least knowing how it looks like, it's a bit difficult. On the screenshots I can see only the feature tree.

From what I see there: Why resize NF after the the Convert? For my taste there are many Solid Modeling commands, I assume you could achieve a lot of it instead with Sheet Metal commands.

You wrote it's a spiral thing, Sheet Metal Flat Pattern can only handle bodies of Cylinders and Planes - additionally punches, but they should be created with Sheet Metal commands