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Unable to rotate part (only SIM file)



 Hi all.


Not sure where this post belongs, but I just got a problem with rotating the part in the SIM file. All other files works fine and even if I load the results in SIM file I can rotate the part. But not when I am in the main window in SIM file.


Trying to figure out if I have "locked" the rotations somehow but cannot figure it out.


Picture below shows that the rotation button is dark/grey and I an unable to click this button. I do use a 3D mouse, but the 3D mouse (and regular mouse) works fine in all other files as mentioned.


Also when I click right mouse button the rotation field is missing!!


I can do following things:


- Pan all direction with mouse

- Zoom in/out with middle mouse button

-  Use fit button


I cannot do:

- rotate with mouse

- use the view / orient buttons to change the orientation of the part

- Click the rotation button


Any ideas anyone??






Unable to rotate.jpg





Re: Unable to rotate part (only SIM file)



I had the same problem in NX11 but only when plotting FEM results. I am using a SpaceMousePro and for some reason it seems like the "lock/Unlock Plane" function have some hickups. I turned it on and then off and then it worked fine.


Hopes this helps for you as well.


Best regard