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Unable to trim - change trim data/type





I'm trying to model an impeller but it's giving me an error which I can't seem to solve on my own. I've created a curve that represents the centre line of the impeller vane. The curve gets extruded untill extended (impeller hub / impeller cover plate) but I can't change the offset (thickness) of the vane. It'll give me an error that the trim data or type is not good.



2017-10-06 09_04_40-NX 11 - Modeling - [D33-1301352 Impeller.prt (Modified) ].jpg

I've tried all the different options but I'm stuck at this point. Any help or thoughts as to what might cause the error?


Re: Unable to trim - change trim data/type

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

Try to set a value higher than the gap between the flanges and then trim, once with the upper faces and then the lower ones.



Re: Unable to trim - change trim data/type


Can someone explain when exactly this error message happen? I stuck too, checked all my coordinates and they are OK so there should be no reason to not extrude.

What does the recommendation "change trim data/type" mean and where can I do this?


Thank you for some help



Re: Unable to trim - change trim data/type


Basic issue is that the Trimming Tool Surface has some limitations to extend.

Try the following on the attached model (I used a downloaded that part yesterday form another thread)

Edit the Sketch (7) and you will see the child, Extrude (8) fails.

Now suppress Extrude (8) or delete it and then try to re-extrude with the same settings and you will see your subject issue appearing.

Hope this will explain the error message.


As a solution I suggest to use “Trim Body” or using “Replace Face” command on the extruded body.

Michael Fernando

Die Designer

Re: Unable to trim - change trim data/type


Thank you, I think that helps for now to know the tools have some limitations. My geometry is pretty much orthogonal, so it should be easy for the algos to solve it though.

I made my way arround with measuring the distance and extrude by value. Not sure if this will bring me in trouble at meshing later.