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Units Error in Title Block and Parts List


I am using NX 9.

I created an imperial part, a block that is 1" x 2" x 3". These three lengths are defined by variables named HEI, WID and LEN, respectively and those are linked to part attributes of the same name. The variables and attributes in the part file are both defined as Lengths with Inch units.

I have a metric part sheet template that references these attributes in the title block and a metric assembly sheet template that references them in the parts list.

Both files appear to do the conversion from inches to millimeters backwards.

Rather than showing a height of 25.4 (1"*25.4) it shows 0.039370 (1"/25.4). This also happens in the title block.

If I close the part in the assembly navigator and update the tabular note, the values update to the numerical values of the dimensions in the units native to the part file (1", 2" and 3") but revert back if I open the part again.

Any ideas on how to get the values to convert and display correctly would be greatly appreciated. I've attached a video showing what I am experiencing.




Re: Units Error in Title Block and Parts List

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom
I can reproduce something similar in NX9, but not in NX11, so it appears to have been fixed. Can you the relationships option to link to the expressions in the component rather than the attributes?

Regards, Ben

Re: Units Error in Title Block and Parts List


Is it possible to link to an expression in a parts list?


Also, I don't want to have to have a drawing template in which I have to link to expressions in the model file every time I use the template.  Is it possible to link to an expression from the drawing template but not necessarily have the part file attached?  The expressions I'm trying to link to would be universally used in all part files (HEI, WID and LEN).  I think I've seen in another thread that I could attach a part to a drawing, create the links, delete the part and save the drawing template, but I've not gotten this method to then work when a different part is attached.