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Updating flat pattern in NX 8.5


How to update flat pattern in NX-8.5 after making any changes to the part. Part is created in older version (NX-5) In which we had work bench forming and flattening after making cad changes when entered in to forming and flattening workbench flat pattern use to crate or get updated. Now in NX-8.5 that workbench is removed, let me know how to update flat pattern in NX-8.5



Re: Updating flat pattern in NX 8.5

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom


Although i may be wrong but i doubt there is any OOTB method of updating the same. I know it will be too time consuming for you to generate it again but if it is ok then you can try metaform or one step formability. The Forming Flattening feature got retired before NX7.5 i guess and it was supported to some extent with the help of an environment variable after then for existing customers (can you please get in touch with GTAC on this. They will probably tell you if you can still play around with this retired feature in NX8.5.

Best Regards

Kapil Sharma

Re: Updating flat pattern in NX 8.5

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Siemens Experimenter

Hi. Can you describe your part? Is it a typical straight brake part or is it something that would need a different type of manufacturing process?


In NX 8.5 there is a create flat solid feature or flat pattern feature. This is how you can create a new flat pattern after your edits/changes to your part.


One caveat. The part needs to be recognized as a "sheet metal part" by NX. So if the part was not created using the sheet metal aplication (probably true with your NX5 part) then you should use the Convert to Sheet Metal function first. (After you have made your changes but before the flat pattern creation.)


Hope this helps.


Regards - Clive Sandhurst


Siemens PLM, NX Product Management.

Re: Updating flat pattern in NX 8.5


Hi  Clive, per your suggestion able to generate flat pattern by converting it in to NX sheetmetal. Flat pattern is generating in separate view my concern is drawing, since flat pattern generate in new view have to associate all dimensions