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Usage of commercial part as material




We're in the Solution design phase of TC and I have some questions for the Material Management.

The MBOM needs to know from what Commercial Part a part should be made from (in order to choose the correct Vendor Part).

Hereunder, this is how we'd like to handle our materials:


Commercial Part usage.png


In the NX Design, Engineering specifies the Commercial Part to be used (sheet, rod, ...).

Is there a way to show this in the ootb solution? (using IMM?)

I have a feeling that only the "substance" can be applied to an NX part.


Thank you for your answers,





Re: Usage of commercial part as material

No one has a hint?

Re: Usage of commercial part as material

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

When we make a part starting from a commercial part we create assemblies where the comercial part is a component and there some features in the assembly level. That is valid for us.


EDIT: I see now that you speak about "raw" materials as sheets and rows. I though you were speaking about parts manufactured from a different kind of commercial like screws... I think you need a different method, sorry.