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Using KF "ug_setPartAttrValue" to set a string attribute with Multiple Values


Using “Attribute Templates”
I’ve set up a string attribute with “Allow Multiple Values” checked.

I can link the children of that attribute into the expression system
Example: If the Name of the attribute is “REV”
The linked children (Multiple values) show up as in the expression system as...
And so on…

The question is...
I want to write to the “REV[1]” attribute using “ug_setPartAttrValue”
Using this syntax in the expression system

It will populate REV[0] which is the first attribute in the list.
So it is respecting the basic name attribute name "REV" but it only places the value in the first value slot of [0]

What expression syntax will allow me to write to the specific children of that attribute???

TIA for any help on this one!