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Using constraints in the PTS author in NX 11.


hi all, 


what i have made is a basic AC unit (basically just an extruded sketch) and i would like to add that into my assembly using the PTS author. 


i managed to get the PTS author to determine the dimensions of my unit when i drag it from my library however, what i would then like to do is make the PTS author pull up an extra constraints dialog box so that i can place it where i want within the assembly. 


i know i could just place the constraints manually, but thats not the point, i want the PTS author to do it so that placing my AC unit is more simple. 


basically, is this possible? if so, how?


thank you very much, Kris. 


Re: Using constraints in the PTS author in NX 11.

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Hi @KJFuller,


You can try to use Remember constrain to place your components.

By using remember constrain you can select placed constrains to be reused by the component the next time you place it in a assembly. This so you know that the component every time is placed the same way.


Also it's a good thing to give your constrained faces, face id's. Normally every face, edge solid curve gets  a own ID number. So by giving them a custom name its also easier to replace your components with a other part (this one needs to have the same face id's). by doing this your assembly constrains will be alive instead of getting a error or warning.

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