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Does anyone know if NX9 supports VR Gear like Oculus Rift? I'm asking because we're getting ready to do a major expansions and our boss asked us if we could 3-d print the new addition and all the equipment so we could do a floor layout. So some of us were wondering if we could do this with an Oculus Rift instead of 3-d printing.



Re: VR Gear

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

If your hardware (read Graphics Card) supports 'stereo' viewing, there will be a 'Stereo Display' option to enable that on the 'Visualization Preferences' dialog on the tab labeled 'Special Effects'.  If it's grayed-out, your graphics card does not support this capability.  Note that support for this capability was not available on Windows-based NX configurations until NX 9.0.  Prior to that, it was only available on Linux-based systems.

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Re: VR Gear

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Valued Contributor

As far as I know NX just uses the Oculus rift as a display device. The gear VR however uses a smartphone as a screen. It would be possible to wirelessly stream your video feed to the smartphone, assuming the bitrate can be handled, but this is up to you. There are no plug-and-play PC to GearVR softwares. I suggest taking a look at a program called virtual desktop to stream to your GearVR. It's going to be quite the headache though. And if you dont have a dedicated smartphone, a GearVR + Galaxy S7 is more expensive than an oculus rift.

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