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Variational Sweep



i am working with NX11.0.0.33 MP0 and there are several changes in Variational Sweep. They are really good for analysis in case when VS can't produce a geometry. But what i miss, is automaticaly generated expressions links between VS and sketch.


In past i haved problem with non-linked VS in NX10, but that i taked as issue of part:


I take that as issue, because when is made a sketch with 10 dimensions and from it as well VS with 2 positions of dimensions changes, musst be there 4 times by hand VS expressions spare with links on sketch.

That i say really hard work.

I hope i maked somethings wrong and is it possible automatic links somewhere allow. I don't wanna to believe in NX is this situation as standart, because it is step back in cave age.


Please give me some advice or explanation









Re: Variational Sweep

Hi GrLoki,


I’m not quite sure I really understand what the question really is here but my interpretation is based on your linked issue:


In the attached movie shows how you can create a Variational Sweep feature from a Guide String/Path and a Sketch (On Path) attached to the Guide/Path curve. The movie shows:


  1. Creation of the Sketch (On Path with no External References)
  2. Creating the Variational Sweep feature
  3. Adding an additional section to the Variational Sweep feature
  4. Modifying the additional section of the Variational Sweep by changing the defining expressions
  5. Creation of the Sketch (On Path with External References)
  6. Comparison of behavior using no Exterior References vs using Exterior References

My suspicion, without fully understanding your sketch constraints, is that you are using one or more external constraints causing your unexpected behavior. Please have a look at the movie and maybe there is something in there that can help you.

(view in My Videos)

Re: Variational Sweep



I hope Sandman's reply explains something to you. If not then you need to be clearer in your description or share the part file. It is not very clear what you problem is.


Regards, **bleep**


Re: Variational Sweep

Although this is not in reference to what you have going on, I just want to post a link to the what is new in variational sweep in NX 11 for looking at the curves in case someone else is looking at this thread. 


NX 11 V-Sweep