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View Dependent Edit - shaded objects


Hello, I'm attempting to shade some objects in a drawing view, but it seems to have quit working.  Any idea why?   I have been consistently been using "View Dependent Edit" to change some components in drawing views to shaded.  I have changed hundreds of components to shaded in multiple views, and all of a sudden, it quits working.  Any idea why and any recommendations for what I need to check?  Thanks


Re: View Dependent Edit - shaded objects

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi @s_hightower,

Under view settings, check Shading - Rendering Style. It should be set to 'Partially Shaded'


View Dependent Edit - Shading.jpg


Another way this can be done using 'Edit Object Display' on modeling side.

  • Make component as displayed part
  • Set selection filter to 'Solid Body'
  • Select the required solid body > RMB > Edit Object Display > Toggle on 'Partially Shaded'
  • In drafting, under drawing view settings set shaded rendering style to partially shaded

(view in My Videos)

Ganesh Kadole
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Re: View Dependent Edit - shaded objects


Hello @GaneshKadole.  Yes, that was a valid point with checking the drawing view to make sure it was at Partially Shaded.  I did have it checked, so it was set up the same as the other views.   I'm not sure why it didn't work.  That was a very good video.  I had never used that option of setting the partially shaded in the modeling side.  I'll definitely keep that in mind.  Thanks!