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Visible curves on bolts ?


What are these visible curves on bolts ?

- How to easily hide them from drawings ? (From model I just click "-" Curves)


Curve in drawings.jpg


Re: Visible curves on bolts ?

Looks like sketch curves, change the component reference set to SOLID (MODEL) not ENTIRE PART.

Re: Visible curves on bolts ?

Right mouse button on part -> Replace reference set -> MODEL

-> Hid those parts.

What does "replace reference set" do ?

What for is it ?

Is it the right way to fix it ?

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‎01-05-2017 07:21 AM

Re: Visible curves on bolts ?

Reference Sets control the visibility and loading of components, ENTIRE PART contains everything, construction sketches etc.

MODEL should only contain solids.

Check your Customer Defaults to see what you are calling the solid reference set, I think default is MODEL.

Re: Visible curves on bolts ?

Here is a good overview of what reference do and how to use them.


Reference Sets