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We have some questions which maybe only the older users will even know what we're talking about...

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

We're writing specifications for some future projects and there are a couple of issues that we'd like to get some feedback on, including whether some capabilities are still being used and if so, for what.


What we're talking about is the information that can be included in a Part File's 'header'.  This is user-defined information that is accessible even if a part file has not been opened.  This information can be defined, edited, read, etc. either using dialogs accessed via the Utilities menu or by NX Open programs, such as User Function and GRIP.


The Part File 'header' information is found at...


File -> Utilities -> Edit Work Part Header...




File -> Utilities -> Edit Other Part Header...


What we're looking for is feedback as to whether anyone is using the 'Status' item or entering information into the 'Description' field.  If you are doing so, please provide us any information that you'd like to share about what you're doing with this data and how critical it is to your day-to-day workflows.  For example, is this something that is only used occasionally or do you use it with all your Part Files?  Do you use this data via interactive workflows or are you writing NX Open applications to define/read the values of these items?


For those people who may not be familiar with this feature of NX, in addition to using the above referenced function dialogs, this information is also reported when you perform an Info Part on the loaded parts and when opening the File -> Properties dialog and selecting the 'Part File' tab.


Anyway, thank you in advance for any feedback that you can provide us.

John R. Baker, P.E. (ret)
EX-Product 'Evangelist'
Irvine, CA

Re: We have some questions which maybe only the older users will even know what we're talking about.

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

We've been using the part file header and status for many, many years.

We (Sandvik) have been investigating PDM systems for a loooong time. As time went on and no decision was made we nailed together a 'stop-gap' system that makes use of the part file header and status. Basically the systems works like this:

  • User runs an NXOpen program to edit the file header (there is a lot of pre-configured stuff to help)
  • When the part is in archive a nightly batch process scans the parts to read the file header and stores all of this data in a database.
  • A search program (not NXOpen) is used to search in the database to find parts. From this search program there is the option to 'Send to NX'. An NXOpen program can then open the parts 'Sent to NX'.

As I said, this whole thing was really meant to be a 'stop-gap', but we've been using (and extending) it for something like 15 years!

There are still plans to move to a commercial PDM (PLM) system, which I imagine will obviate the use of the part file header. But with our history of implementing any proper system, this old system may live for a while longer yet Smiley Frustrated

Graham Inchley Snr R&D Engineer (Systems Development), Sandvik Coromant
Lenovo ThinkPad W540, Win7, 16GB. Developing in: Java | C | KF
Production: [NX8.5.3.3 MP11 64bit] Testing: [NX12.0.2 MP1]