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What is "free_form_modeling" license feature for?

Solution Partner Experimenter Solution Partner Experimenter
Solution Partner Experimenter

Hi there,

There is a license feature named "free_form_modeling" in Mach3 Product Design and Industrial Design but  don't know which commands use this license feature. I tried to check some commands which seems like to use this license but couldn't find anySmiley Sad. Does any one know any commands using "free_form_modeling" license feature?





Re: What is "free_form_modeling" license feature for?

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I think these are among them: enlarge, law extension, i-form, x-form, studio surface.

Dan Iorga
Sulzer Pumps US

Re: What is "free_form_modeling" license feature for?

Solution Partner Phenom Solution Partner Phenom
Solution Partner Phenom

I think it's a legacy license feature from a long time ago.

nx_freeform_1, nx_freeform_1 and studio_freeform are the newer ones.


I think what happens, is that if you have a license

I did some testing a while back and couldn't find any function that used it (not conclusive though).


Below is the lists I have of what the newer license functions are able to do.



Edit -> Surface -> Boundary
Edit -> Surface -> Reverse Normal

Insert -> Trim -> Trimmed Sheet
Insert -> Trim -> Trim and Extend
Insert -> Trim -> Untrim

Insert -> Offset/Scale -> Offset Surface
Insert -> Offset/Scale -> Variable Offset

Insert -> Surface -> Bounded Plane

Insert -> Mesh Surface -> Ruled
Insert -> Mesh Surface -> Thru Curve Mesh
Insert -> Mesh Surface -> N Sided Surface

Insert -> Sweep -> Swept
Insert -> Sweep -> Variational Sweep



Edit -> Surface -> Global Shaping
Edit -> Surface -> Global Deformation
Edit -> Surface -> Enlarge
Edit -> Surface -> Change Edge
Edit -> Surface -> Change Degree
Edit -> Surface -> Chaneg Stiffness

Insert -> Combine -> Quilt

Insert -> Offset/Scale -> Rough Offset
Insert -> Offset/Scale -> Sheets to Solid Assistant

Insert -> Detail Feature -> Soft Blend
Insert -> Detail Feature -> Bridge

Insert -> Surface -> Through Points
Insert -> Surface -> From Poles
Insert -> Surface -> From Point Cloud
Insert -> Surface -> Rapid Surfacing
Insert -> Surface -> Transition
Insert -> Surface -> Ribbon Builder
Insert -> Surface -> Midsurface
Insert -> Surface -> Foreign

Insert -> Sweep -> Section

Insert -> Flange Surface -> Law Extension
Insert -> Flange Surface -> Extension
Insert -> Flange Surface -> Silhouette Flange



Insert -> Detail Feature -> Styled Blend
Insert -> Detail Feature -> Styled Corner
Insert -> Detail Feature -> Aesthetic Face Blend

Insert -> Surface -> Four Point Surface
Insert -> Surface -> Swoop
Insert -> Surface -> Studio Surface

Insert -> Sweep -> Styled Sweep

Edit -> Surface -> X-Form
Edit -> Surface -> I-Form
Edit -> Surface -> Match Edge
Edit -> Surface -> Edge Symmetry
Edit -> Surface -> Deform
Edit -> Surface -> Transform
Edit -> Surface -> Snip Surface
Edit -> Surface -> Refit Face
Edit -> Surface -> Smooth Poles

Edit -> Facet Body -> Snip Facet
Edit -> Facet Body -> Fill Hole
Edit -> Facet Body -> Decimate
Edit -> Facet Body -> Subdivide
Edit -> Facet Body -> Smooth
Edit -> Facet Body -> Extract Curvature Areas


Anthony Galante, Senior Support Engineer
24 versions of NX installed: NX4 to NX12, plus TC11.2

Re: What is "free_form_modeling" license feature for?

Solution Partner Experimenter Solution Partner Experimenter
Solution Partner Experimenter

Thank you so much for your kind reply, AnthonySmiley Happy

I also asked the GTAC about this question and got the answer from them. I'll shere the answer by posting the comment from GTAC.



Some customers renew the Annual Maintenance Contract, but still use the old software versions.
They may receive the new license file, but older NX versions may not understand the latest license features and would still require the old license features.
If these are removed completely, it would create problems while working with the older software versions.
So it is necessary to provide the free_form_modeling license feature even though it was no longer used by the latest versions
The "free_form_modeling" feature is the old style of selling UG surfacing to customers (this goes back to "Designer Bundles", long before Mach bundles existed).
With the introduction of Mach bundles the "freeform_1" and "freeform_2" modules were introduced.
This is for a legacy reference and no need to worry unless you are getting any license errors.



Many thanks,


Re: What is "free_form_modeling" license feature for?

Solution Partner Experimenter Solution Partner Experimenter
Solution Partner Experimenter

Thank you, Don. I posted the commend from GTAC engineer, and they told me that it is the license for the older software versions.