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Re: Why is NX 12 slower than NX 10?

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at first question: I can not find that IRs on GTAC.


I have also the problem with NX12 performace. We upgraded our customer to NX12.0.2 MP5 and he complains on very slow performance. The procedure was that in assembly the user creates on one working part few holes. After each selecting point for the hole the user had to wait 10-20s. 

I agree that the problem seems to be highlighted when the part is opened in more windows. Assuming that the "in-time" update runs in each window simultanously, this brings significant slowing of the performance.

I also created GTAC ticket but the only reply was to check the hardware and graphics according to certification matrices. There are also som hints about SMP, multicore and using primary monitor, but still I have no solution or I do not know how to face this issue with customer.

I do not know the answer to question: Is it possible to control updating of the model in all windows of NX (some customer data abracadabra)?