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Working with "Dart" function


Is there any way to convert a "Dart" into a solid body from a sheet body? I am running into trouble exporting this file as an STL, which I think is due to the Darts being sheet bodies. 


When I try to export to STL, it asks me to "Select Surface" "For Normal Orientation", and I must select a sheet. Only problem is that the only sheets I have are the Darts, which I really would rather be solid bodies. 

No luck with "Sew" or "Sheets to Solid Assistant"


Thank you for any help. 


Re: Working with "Dart" function

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

The "Patch" function can be a way for you to make your darts a part of the solid, provided that you have one solid to patch it to. In your case I can see 7 different solid bodies, with each dart adjacent to two.

After uniting Locating Flange, Extrude Flange and the "dome", I can use Patch to do the trick on atleast a few of the darts (haven't tried them all).

I'm not convinced that this will solve your problem with the STL export. If it doesn't, then I'd look into your modeling strategy and perhaps remodel the transitions (Through Curve Mesh 18 & 19) to start with.