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Wrong mass units in Part list in Drafting

Hi everyone!


When I insert mass in part list, values appears in grams but should in kg, because the file units are set to kg. Someone is able to help me ?




Re: Wrong mass units in Part list in Drafting

See if this helps:


The problem where a system attribute is displayed in grams can be worked around as follows. Unit conversion can be done in parts list (or tabular note) cells by specifying that the cell evaluates as a formula and entering the appropriate formula for the conversion.

1) Select the "Weight" column.

2) Choose MB3 --> Style. Click on the Cells tab. Check ON Evaluate Cell as Formula. Check OFF Increment as a Percentage. Enter 0.0 for Increment Value.

3) Click on the Columns tab. Enter "<W$=@$MASS>*0.001" for Default Text. Press OK.

This should cause the values in grams to be converted to kilograms.  Parts list values are saved with a part, whereas Analysis --> Units is a session specific method to specify units for analysis operations. As a result, it is more useful for parts list values to always reflect the units of the part rather than the session. Hence, it will always display results in "grams" for metric parts and "lbs" for English parts.