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"linked exterior" and "Simplify Assembly"

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi everyone.


Which are main differences and similarities between  "linked exterior" and "Simplify Assembly"?


As far as I know:


Simplify Assembly

Creates a lightweight body of selected components into the work part. Bodies are copied and united together. This does not affect the individual components if done at the assembly level.

The lightweight body can be simplified to remove details including interior features (interior faces are removed)


Linked Exterior

Linked Exterior extracts linked copies of faces which represent only the exterior of selected components. The faces are created within the Work Part. This is ideal for casing or shelled type components containing large amounts of internal detail.


Sounds quite similar to me. Truth is, Simplify Assembly has this "old fashion menus" which I cant stand, not "intuitive" at all (of course...from my experience, which is almost zero in this matter)


Thanks in advance!



Re: "linked exterior" and "Simplify Assembly"

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From my point of view when I used this commands while dealing with Large assemblies. This tools improves load performance by reducing the assembly complexity.

(also I have read about this tools from an article which i cannot remember the title).


simplify assembly

-unites all bodies in the assembly and remove interior faces. this results a single lightweight and airtight solid.

- this solid body will represent the assy.


Linked Exterior

-this creates gemoetry which can take the place of subcomponents, it makes an exact copy of external faces and maintains its form of the original, and provides a method of hiding proprietary data. the resulting body is a sheet body. It's is like the wrap body but wrap body is just an approximation.


I think their main difference is the body representation.