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associative dimension not updating



I'm using associative measure to set the length of a deformable part in an assembly arrangement. Sometimes when I change the arrangement, the associated length in the Part Navigator doesn't update, even though the dimension on the assembly window is correct, and as a result, my deformable part doesn't update. I have to double click the Distance Measure feature, click OK, then everything updates. Is there a way to force the distance expression to update without reopening the feature?


Re: associative dimension not updating


This might help explain my problem. After changing my Assembly Arrangement, the true distance is 15.200mm but the Part Navigator will continue showing 10.500mm and the deformable part (spring) will not change.


Re: associative dimension not updating




try out this


Menu>Tools>update>update for external change


this cmd work for me for accociative measure /analysis


i think it should be work either you have to contact GTAC for the issue.



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Re: associative dimension not updating

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Hi @AlCLE,

When you switch between the arrangements, component position changes, although you have associative measurement it will not update for the deformed part. Double clicking the measurement distance in part navigator shows the message about the change in the position of the objects that has been used while creating the associative measurement. 




I have attached a video as an example. In assembly I have used two arrangements, in second arrangement I made distance constraint as arrangement specific and defined the expression for it. Whenever I change the component position in either arrangement it needs update to reflect the changes in the other arrangement for the deformed part. As you know already, double click measurement in part navigator or use 'Update for External Change' as @Thomas_Roman mentioned to update the deformed component with respect to the arrangement defined.


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Re: associative dimension not updating


Thanks for the replies. "Update for external change" works but takes a while as it updates nearly 800 features.