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associativeness of measured value


In my mind, the measuring tool for value input always gives associative results. In mose cases it works fine. But today I find that non-associative result is also possible.


This makes me greatly concerned about the use of measuring tool for value input. Your suggestion would be highly appreciated!


ScreenClip.pngFig.1 The 1st point (10, 30, 0).ScreenClip [1].pngFig.2 Building a 2nd point by offsetting the Origin.ScreenClip [6].pngFig.3 Offsetting distance comes from measuring the height of the 1st point.ScreenClip [3].pngFig.4 In the Distance box, value "30.0000" has a ruler icon on its right. OK to finish buiding the 2nd point.ScreenClip [4].pngFig.5 But the new expression "p3_distance" is not a "Measurement"! Apparently the 2nd point is NOT associated to the 1st point.ScreenClip [5].pngFig.6 In my past experience, values from measuring tool should looks like this. They are associated to the measured objects.