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back to absolute origin

Dear Community


is there a way to place constrained or moved components back to their absolute origin position, once their constraints are inactivated or deleted of course.


I am looking for some functionality that is very similar to the "unexplode" function.


Thanks in advance




Re: back to absolute origin


I am not sure of any short cut way of doing the same but there is a workaround.

The main CSYS of the main assembly is the absolute csys so you can 

use move component (CSYS to CSYS) to regain back your absolute position (by selecting the csys of the component and the absolute CSYS of the main assembly)




Re: back to absolute origin

thanks, this would always work for one component alone.

What I am looking for is a method to apply to lets say 100 pieces where the move option is not viable anymore.


Thanks for your suggestion

Accepted by topic author mascaritas
‎12-02-2016 04:40 AM

Re: back to absolute origin

Some journal code to do this can be found here:


I would suggest removing all constraints from the component in question before running the journal on it; I'm not sure how a partially constrained component would react.

Re: back to absolute origin

That Program that Cowski1 has works great. 

Re: back to absolute origin

Great thank you.


I will try to add a multiple selection and a loop into that journal and it will be exactly what I was looking for .


Best Greetings