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can i create custom default values in drafting.?


Dear all,


While i am making model for any object then starting drafting for it,

can i make custom default setting like that all the dimention will show dimention with up to two decimal point (suppose model dimention is 20.2224 the drafting dimention should show 20.22 as rounded dimention  )


in my case using with nx 9 suppose model dimention is 20.2224 the drafting dimention is showing 20,2 as default setting i want this seeting that it should show rounded as 20.22 while drafting.


remaining all dimention should also show rounded up to two decimal point as default while drafting..


Please help !


Re: can i create custom default values in drafting.?

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom
Customer Defaults:
Drafting > Annotation > Dimensions (tab) > Dimension Decimal Places
Drafting Standards > Annotation > Units (tab) > Zero's Display > Trailing Zeros

Drafting Preferences:
Dimension > Text > Units: Decimal Places
Dimension > Text > Units: Show Trailing Zeros

For all new files going forward, edit the customer defaults and then inherit the changes into the drawing/sheet templates (either the ones supplied with NX or your customized templates) via the Drafting Preferences (inherit option at the bottom of the dialog), unless you use the blank template which automatically inherit the customer defaults.

For existing parts, edit the drafting preferences (either manually or inherit the customer defaults) to make changes going forward for those parts. For existing dimensions, right click and edit their Settings.

Search through existing threads in this forum, there are several that discuss similar topics.

Regards, Ben