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clone assembly (in teamcenter nx) to latest WIP revision


I am working in Teamcenter and have WAVE linked assemblies that are study files.  I would like to clone back to the original production parts so that I don't have to spend hours relinking everything. For example, I have a system generated file LLP12345/001 assembly with WAVE'd parts. I want to clone this file to production part number 12345678/002 which is a WIP file and 001 is released).


Assemblies-Clone - Create clone assembly

I add the assembly, select Numbering tab, select User Number. I (dry run) walk through the parts and NX asks for the number and the revision for each part but the operation fails. The error is "part file already exists". The revision level that I want to create does not exist. The Item and a released item revision do exist. (Revision 001 is released and i want to clone to revision 002).


I thought I was able to do this in NX7.5 and before. Perhaps I am mistaken. Or is this a Teamcenter configuration issue?


Any thoughts or suggestions?