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combined projection issue 2

As in my previous thread combined project issue, I use a Side_View curve and a Front_View curve to produce a Combined project curve.
  • "Side_View_(blue)": on ZY plane, 3 segments
  • "Front_View_(green)": on ZX plane, 1 segment
  • "Combined_(grey)": from "Side_View" and "Front_View"
To my surprise, the number of segments of the Combined curve is much bigger than that of the source curves. Then my concern is that the quality of the surface based on the combined curve might be greatly undermined, even resulting in failure to set G2/G3 continuity.
Is my concern reasonable? If yes, how can I improve? Thanks!

Image.pngfrom Combined Projection  Image.pngfrom Extrude×2+Intersection

Re: combined projection issue 2

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Well that is a compromise decision between quality and accuracy.

If quality is more a concern change the tolerance for this feature to 0.1 mm, or maybe better in the feature switch on Advanced Curve Fit and try different degree and segment value, the maximum deviation will be displayed in preview.

Steve V

Re: combined projection issue 2


Hi @StevenVickers, Got it. Thanks!