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creating gears in nx 9

where do you find the command to make gears? I tried changing system variables ugii_country but I have no licence for that 


Re: creating gears in nx 9

Doesn't exist for most countries...short answer ask your sales rep.


Long answer:


Re: creating gears in nx 9

I have been looking at generating a program for a single spur gear. I understand the need for the mating gears case but maybe this might get people started.

This document is prepared to first get some input so that it may be appropriate to many users.

My idea is that a user would need to input a number of parameters.  I have created the dialog so depending on the part units the dialog would show different parameters.

The dialog on the left is for inch parts and fundamental parameters are diametral pitch and gear standard (I have six options). The dialog on the right is for metric parts and the basic parameters are based on mudule.


You may note that I have included a parameter for profile shift and a parameter for rack fillet radius.

Profile shift may be required to avoid undercutting and/or change the tooth thicknesses. My program to this point does not include profile shift but if required then the table output would need to show tooth thicknesses and undercutting information.

I had thought it might be useful to add: Select a point and vector for gear placement, Include alternatives for gear blank geometry and options for tooth fillet such as full fillet (typical in plastic gears), True fillet and Trochoidal fillet.

I am interested in getting comments and suggestions.


Frank Swinkels



Re: creating gears in nx 9

In NX 9 there is a sample gear in the reuse library that was built with Prodcut Template Studio. Here what it looks like. It is also avaiable in NX 10 and NX 11 as well. 


Gear - Product Template StudioGear - Product Template Studio



Re: creating gears in nx 9

@FrankSwinks That gear program looks very interesting, I would use it, am happy to try it out too.

Re: creating gears in nx 9

You may make use of these:



Templates (or close to) for helical, planetary and straight gears.

Edit those using User Expresions.