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disable OrientXpress tool?

From a previous thread, I know that some people, just as myself, would hesitate to use the OrientXpress tool.
Sometimes the tool makes the screen look messy and needs to be dragged away manually. Is it possible to diable it temporarily or permanently?

Re: disable OrientXpress tool?

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi Surfactant,


No there is no way of disabling it as the OrientExpress is intended as a natural intuitive tool where directional input is of the essence. Im personally normaly very much helped by it although it can be "in the way" at times. I just drag it to somewhere else as this is rarley in my case. I suggest an ER should you have a workflow where it is troublesome.


Best Regards


Re: disable OrientXpress tool?

Hi @Sandman    Thanks for your reply!
As discussed in the previous thread, the exact meaning of OrientXpress isnot always 100% clear, I generally avoid using it and simply use the original vector or plane it represents. So I'm thinking about whether it's possible to disable it permanently. If not possible, I would drag it away if needed.