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draft drawings update for a large assembly is really time consuming



   Does anybody know how to operate the updation of draft drawings of an large assembly will be more efficient? 


Re: draft drawings update for a large assembly is really time consuming

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Have you tried using smary light weight views on your drawing? Only posisble in later versions of NX but if you right click on a view that is already placed, or prior to placing a view, go in to the drafting preferences and click View --> Common --> Configuration --> Representation --> Smart Lightweight, this will considerably speed up your view updates. There are a couple of caveats though, you need to have uptodate data in order to leverage the smart light weight functionality otherwise you will need to get NX to create is on the fly by clicking in the drafting preference on View --> Workflow --> Smart Ligthweight Views --> Generate Lightweight Data.


Hope this helps.



Re: draft drawings update for a large assembly is really time consuming

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Here is a link to the topic in the Help collection about large assembly drawings. Look on the right side of the page for quick links to additional helpful information.  Here is a link to some quick information about how to configure your drawing preferences so that you can work with it more efficiently in Drafting with large assemblies.

Re: draft drawings update for a large assembly is really time consuming

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Valued Contributor

Hi @Harry99


There are lots of variables that go into this. It is not a one button solution.


I have some questions for you:


Do you have a lot of imported data from customers or random websites?

- Sheet bodies here are a killer. Stay away from those!


Do you work with Reference Sets?

- Maybe you want to show a simplified representation of certain areas or maybe the whole thing


Did you know, that you can hide components in views? (Not arrangement functionality)

- For each view you can hide components in it. NX likes to compute ALL of the components, which I am not neccessarily a big fan of, so to prevent him from doing "too much" you can choose to hide certain components in the view. This speeds it up a ton!


Do you know what component groups are?

- Component groups are collections of components independent of the assembly structure, that are either evaluated statically(fixed instances in a group) or dynamically(controlled through attributes or expressions). I like the dynamic ones, because I can copy them from one .prt file to the next and use them instantly. Do the work one time and then copy/paste.

- These groups can even be created in the drawing file if working with master modeler concept. And if used correctly, can be used to create custom views in the drawing file in the 3D environment(better than using drafting, because you can rotate, zoom and so forth.

- A very important attribute is the Component Name attribute. You can link this up to a component group. For example you have mechanical, hydraulik, electrical and mechatronical systems. Just change the Component Name(different than the part name) of the particular component instance and then use the component group to search for that particular name/system you defined.

- You can even use component groups to load certain areas, reducing your waiting time.


Do you have lots of sections and details?

- For detailed views, I would make them independent views. That speeds them up a bit.

- For sections, I would suggest you look into the attribute SECTION-COMPONENT which is a string and can be set to YES or NO. For standard parts such as bolts, nuts and so forth, this attribute should be set to NO, then it won't cut them. Also a speeds things up a ton!


I have used all these points in combination and was able to speed up a drawing update from well over an hour to 6 minutes! The assembly alone contained over 100,000 instances!!!

Ping me, if you want some more info.