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extruded cut "until selected" in assembly


I'm a relatively new user of NX10 (transitioned from Solidworks), and I'm having difficulty with the following:


I have an assembly made up of 2 solid models: a cast part and the finished part (same basic part as cast, only finished machined).  The finished part is perfectly centered within the cast part, and has .100 stock all around.  I know that I could use an extruded cut to a depth of .100, but I want to be able to select the geometry of the finished part and extrude "until selected" or "until next" (probably select the edge/face via static wireframe). 


What's the best way to do that?


I've tried creating the assembly of both models via wave linker and promote body, but can't seem to get the extruded cut to work when selecting the finished model's geometry.


Any ideas?


Re: extruded cut "until selected" in assembly

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Are you getting a message or an alert? Have you tried using Until Extended rather than Until Selected?

Regards, Ben

Re: extruded cut "until selected" in assembly

I do believe "until extended" worked! I selected the hidden face of the inner/finished model as the object for "until extended" and the body of the visible/cast model as the body for the extrusion, and it worked; thanks! I'll keep plugging and see if it continues to work.


Oh, and yes, I kept getting errors with the other end limit selections.