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fail to select surface poles

As shown below, when I hover the mouse cursor on a pole, the pole and its surface would be highlighted. But after I click it, nothing is selected.
Are surface poles inherently unable to be selected?

Is it possible to create a point set associated to all the poles of a surface, just like a point set associated to all the poles of a spline?


Re: fail to select surface poles

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Either it's not working correctly or surface poles are not selectable in the manner you're trying.  Point objects are limited to what is shown in the Datum Plane point pulldown and the Snap Point buttons which does not include surface poles - only spline poles or surface defining points.  I'm not sure why hovering over poles gives you the pole information and appears selectable but doesn't allow for it as shown in your image unless it's because of the Snap Point limitation when it comes to surface poles.


Yes, you can extract the surface poles using Point Set (Menu -> Insert -> Datum/Point -> Point Set); change the Type to Face Points; Subtype to B-Surface Poles and turn on Associative.  You should then be able to place a point set onto any B-Surface at the poles from which you can select any of those points to create a Datum Plane.

NX MP11 Rev. A
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Re: fail to select surface poles


Hi @TimF    Point Set > Face Points does work! Let me give up selecting surface poles directly. Thanks for your explanation!