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generative drafting

Dear Sir,

I read that when i change dimension in drafting envirornment of a model then it automatically updates model in modelling environment.

How we can do that?








Re: generative drafting

I suspect what you might be referring to are "driving dimensions" in NX. You can create empty "Drawing Views" on a sheet and sketch in those views. Dimensions applied to the sketch geometry can be "driving" dimensions. You can then use the Copy to 3D command to create a 3D representation of the 2D drawing.

The stand-along drawing process in NX:

Sketching in Drafting overview:

Copy to 3D:

NX11 Driving Dimension Enhancements:

See also "Layout process in NX"

Regards, Ben

Re: generative drafting

There is a way to inherit sketch dimensions to the drafting view. Also, there is an option that will allow you to change the dimension from the drafting module and update the model (I'm pretty sure that this option is turned off by default).

Re: generative drafting

You have to enable Allow Expressions in the Drafting customer defaults. You then have to inherit the sketch dimensions using the Feature Parameters command, which displays the sketch dimensions. You can then open the Expressions editor, select the dimension on the drawing and edit the expression's value. It's a little cumbersome and, per the docs, this is 'Legacy' functionality.

Re: generative drafting

Yes, we should note that turning on the option to allow driving the model from the drafting application has never been considered good practice.

Re: generative drafting

Actually, the link you shared below contains outdated information and is not the preferred method for inheriting feature-based dimensions into a drawing. The preferred way, starting with NX 9, is to use feature-derived PMI in your drawing views. If you set the Allow PMI Bidirectional Edits customer default, then you can make changes to the PMI in the drawing and it will "drive" the model to update. (Note: you must have write access to the master model if you want to force changes from the non-master drawing part).


Here's a link to information about the Allow PMI Bidirectional Edits customer default: TongueSmiley Tongue


Here's a link to information about adding PMI to your drawing view: Tongue


Here's an example of driving a change from the drawing to the part file: Tonguemi_general_in...



NOTE: If you convert a sketch dimension into a PMI dimension, then the sketch MUST be part of the reference set you add to your drawing part (i.e. the MODEL reference set, or a manually created reference set) or the PMI will either not show up in the drawing, or it will show up in a retained state.

Re: generative drafting

Since editing the model from the drafting application has always been frowned upon, does the same hold for "bi-directional PMI edits"? Or is it improved in some way that makes it an acceptable practice?

Re: generative drafting

Every customer has different needs, so I can't say whether or not this capability is an acceptable practice. We provide the functionality and leave it up to each customer to implement their own best practices.


Re: generative drafting

I created solid model in nx 11 but when i change the dimension in drafting then it doesn't change model dimension.

Re: generative drafting

Such a politically correct answer. I love it! :-)