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global shaping?

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

I have a shaped sheet body (extracted off a solid), and I would like to hold it at one of the lines on the left, and 'lift' the edge on the right top, to meet the blue line (or just give it a distance).  I need to do this parametrically, because it may need to be adjusted.


Is this something global shaping can do?  I haven't used it before, and my experimenting hasn't gone very well so far.  If Global shaping can do it, what options should I look at?  if not, any other features I should try?



NX1867(if it had versions) | Teamcenter 11.6 | Windows 10

Re: global shaping?


Yes you can do that with global shaping.


I use a surface, well that is what I was taught. I don't know the other options yet. 


Create a surface to represent the existing shape, create another one and use scale or some feature that will give you parametric control over the second surface.


Go through the steps in global shaping using the surfaces option.


If you like I can give it a go for you. Just send me your part file.